Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness 2009

Friday, October 9 was Breast Cancer Awareness Day at my work. Most of the festivities were held at the Woman's Diagnostic Center where the mammograms are done. Their were goodie bags, cookies, giveaways, etc. Not everyone was able to get over to that location, so I made little goodie bags for everyone at the office I work at.

They are very small, they only hold 2 Dove chocolates. Some also held some pink M&M's. I made 30. The tiny clothes pin is less than an inch high! So cute.
We have not done a whole heck of a lot this last week. I worked the late shift at work, which gets me home just before it is dark. We did go see Couples Resort yesterday at the movies, I thought it would be funnier.

Have a great week!

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