Sunday, June 29, 2008


They told me when I moved to Bellingham I could not grow roses here..... hhmmm, I think that is a rose in the picture, and it's at my house, and that is my hand next to it. Yes, the rose is the size of my hand! I am glad I did not listen to them. I planted 3 rose bushes last year, the other 2 are just getting ready to bloom.

This is a wild flower here in Bellingham, aren't they pretty? They are all over along with little yellow buttercups, and wild pink roses. So pretty.

This is my frog, that lives in and around my pond. I gave him some friends yesterday. I got 4 goldfish for the pond. I should have taken a picture when they were in the bag, cause they are very shy.

It has been just beautiful the last few days, high of 85 with a nice little breeze off the bay. We are headed to the lake to go boating with our friends Dedra and Mark. I'll post some pics later...

Have a beautiful, sunny day!

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