Friday, June 27, 2008

First Stampin Up! workshop

I held my first Stampin Up! workshop, it wasn't a total flop! We all had a great time. My friend Dedra, who normally does not do crafty things (so she says anyway *wink*) even participated and she claims she had a good time. We mostly enjoyed just being together I think. We always have fun together. LOL!! Anyway, they said they would be back next month, of course, I ran out of batteries before they arrived so I have no proof, I mean, pictures of our fun! How could we not have fun with chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne involved! hehe! These are the projects we did....

Matchbook card holds yummy goodies!

It is a fantastic evening, I am hoping to get a picture of the sunset. It won't be as great as the sunset my hubby Scott will see, he is flying a photographer over the San Juan's to Vancouver BC to take some pics of a boat. It should be gorgeous. I wish I was better at flying in those little 4 seater planes, I thought about having a couple glasses of wine and then going, but who am I kidding I would need a bottle and then I would just sleep through the whole thing!!!!

Have a great evening!

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