Thursday, January 27, 2011

New carpet...

 We had new carpet installed last week in the living room...
 and the "Beach" guest room. It is soo soft! I am thinking of having it installed in the master bedroom too!
 The color is perfect! Not too light to show stains, and not to dark to make the room dark.
 I am painting the bedroom a pale blue called New Day. It is just a great soft blue. My bestie Kari is coming for a visit on Saturday, so I am moving all the furniture from the "Garden"guest room to this one for now.
This is the light fixture I picked up for the room. I found a great one at Restore for $5.00 that was similar and was going to spray paint it Oil Rubbed Bronze, but the hubby wasn't in favor of that idea and wanted a new one instead. We agreed on this one at Home Depot for $50.00.
I am hoping to have the crown molding installed by my handyman tomorrow since he gets off work early.
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