Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garden guest bedroom part two.

 I'm back with a preview of the progress so far on the garden room. Still need to pick up a dust ruffle (why did I take ALL the full size bed stuff to Genna? ha!) I decided to use the rug the previous owners left for us it is perfect and free! The quilt will go at the bottom of the bed when I switch the white comforter from my bed.
 Still need to hang stuff on the walls, and the curtains.
 Need a stool, a throw and a small pillow for this reading area.
 I stole the lamps from my bedroom, I've had my eye on a pair at T J Maxx but knew they wouldn't work in here! Perfect solution, buy them for my bedroom!
 The view from the bed of the courtyard, makes me happy.
Spring is coming! That makes me happy too!

The rundown on the room?
White dresser- antique store $59.00
Mirror on dresser -antique store $15.00
Chair- antique store $50.00
Small table next to chair- antique store $25.00
Small night stand next to bed- antique store $35.00
Quilt- antique store $25.00
Pillow cases- antique store $14.00
Lamps-already had FREE
Bed- antique store $159.00
Mattress set -new and most expensive thing for the room $500.00 but worth every penny ;)

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