Sunday, January 4, 2009

Projects, ideas, cards....

I decorated the front of a cute little note book (idea log) I found at Office Max the other day when hubby and  I were there picking up a couple other things. (Am I the only one that can go to an office supply store and spend $15.00 for 3 notebooks?:D My hubby wanted to know why one was not enough.... well umm, because.... they are each for a different list, of course! ) Anyway, this one is for ideas, I will show you the inside later, I have been writing down my ideas on my craft/stamp room. I will show you the other 2 later also!
This is one of the projects I need to COMPLETE. I have been working on it for months... just is not coming together the way I want it to, I have tried to add buttons, flowers, seashells, just not happy with any of it. Tried to work on it more today, still no ideas. Do you have any? Let me know! 
I finished all the cards for January Birthdays, and printed out address labels for all the Birthdays from January until May! Woohoo! I was going to get a couple books of stamps at the grocery store today and put them on the envelopes, but it is snowing, again! In fact, my hubby is stuck in Bremerton, he and a friend decided to go flying this morning when it was nicer out, now they are stuck! Hope it gets better soon or I will have to drive to pick him up! YUK! And I don't even know where Bremerton is... guess I better google it and find out just in case! 

Have a great evening!

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