Saturday, June 9, 2012

 This morning I hosted a little invitation making party.
 A friend is getting married in September and asked for a little direction in creating her wedding invites.
 She sent me a link to some she liked on Etsy and asked if I could help her recreate them. I immediately went to my craft cottage and made two samples (2 different sizes). Then worked out the quantity of supplies she would need.
 She was able to recreate them for quite a price savings!
 I offered my craft cottage and craft "tools" to her and her bridal party to put the invitations together.
 They turned out beautiful! I asked to have one, I told her I wanted it as a sample... I have a wedding gift in mind to make using her invitation! I will post it soon, I started working on it as soon as they all left. Ha!

 I had fun putting together some refreshments... coffee, tea, muffins, mini cinnamon rolls and strawberries.
 I am getting ready to paint the inside of the craft cottage! Can. Not. Wait!
 I am loving the colors that I will be using =)
 It will be hard to not have access to my crafty things for a couple weeks,
 but I will enjoy redecorating and organizing.
What color is your craft area? Do you have any good organizing tips for me? I'd love to hear!

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Full Circle Creations said...

Can I have your craft room? It looks like such a creative place! The invitation looks cute too. Can't wait to see the gift you're making!