Thursday, March 1, 2012

 I am just getting the chance to post a couple craft projects I worked on the last month. I saw the little Valentine mouse on Pinterest and had to make one! So cute!
 I had a Valentine craft day with my friends... so I made them each a little Valentine treat, a heart shaped tealight and a wrapped chocolate nugget. Very easy and pretty cute!
 Our craft class we made a candy container (was filled with m&ms) a card, and a mini book.
 This is the card...
 The mini book I did for my hubby. I designed the book and cut all the pieces out for everyone, then let them decorate theirs the way they wanted. I ordered the small size pictures from Snapfish. They came four to a 4x6 inch picture size. Perfect for this mini book!
 I included some of my favorite pictures from 2011.
 Then wrote reasons I love him =)
 He also received a little treat or gift each morning from February 1-14. Some days it was candy with a little note, other days was a home baked goodie. Sometimes he is hard to find a gift for, so this makes it easy for me to still give him something for Valentine's Day.
 I think I have made him a minibook the last 5 years? He seems to enjoy them, he's kept every single one of them on a shelf in his office.
I enjoy going back and looking at the previous years pictures when I clean up there =)
 I also planned a class for us to do perpetual calendars. I bought this downloadable calendar from somewhere on the  internet a few years ago... not sure where now.
Most of the girls are giving them as gifts to their mama's for Mother's Day along with our next craft project... 20 cards!

I saw these fun wreaths on Pinterest, I changed mine up a bit, this side is for St. Patrick's Day, the other side is for Spring/Easter.  Double duty =) 

Currently I am working on driftwood sailboats!

Have you made anything crafty lately? Please share!

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