Tuesday, November 22, 2011

 A few weeks ago a blog "friend" passed away. We had emailed back and forth a couple times when I first moved here. I read her blog faithfully, was in such awe that she was a designer for a stamp company and I really enjoyed her style.
Last year she announced on her blog that she was fighting a cancer that was not treatable. Although we hadn't ever "officially" met, I did see her a few times at my work and had made a few reminder calls to her regarding appointments. Even has early as last month.
She had 3 young children at home and blogged about her illness, her feelings and everything she was going through. I really hoped she was going to beat it! Unfortunately, she didn't. Her service was last week, I really struggled with whether I wanted to go or not. It is such a strange thing to feel like you were friends with someone, you know so much about them, but haven't ever met. In the end, I decided the best way to honor her was to spend the day crafting in my craft cottage. The day was a gorgeous clear autumn day. I reminded myself to be Thankful everyday for the things I have in my life and crafted. ALL. Day. Long. I will miss reading your posts, hearing about your family and seeing your amazing work Katie.

 My creations for the day, some samples for an upcoming Stamp-a-stack.

And a newly decorated mantel.

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