Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas tags 2011 and a SCORE! at the goodwill!

 Above are the Christmas Tags I created this year for our family gift exchange. They were super simple to create =)
 I used a stamp set from Stampin Up! Colored the scarf, hat and nose with marker then used Stickles to bling it up a bit!
 Look what I SCORED at the Goodwill this morning! Ack! I cannot believe I found these! I bought my first one off Ebay about 6 years ago after searching for a year, I paid $25.00 for it and about $15.00 to have it shipped. I store my ink pads in the slots, it is perfect. My other one is completely full...
Yes, I paid only $3.99 each for these three!!! Except when I was there they also had some that looked like they held 8 track so the slots were  much bigger, now that I think about it, I think they would be the perfect size to store my Stampin Up! punches in, so I think I am headed back to see if they are still there =) keep your fingers crossed!

Bundle up! It's cold out there today!

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