Monday, December 13, 2010

A bit of an update!

 Yes, we bought a new house and have been busy cleaning, packing, moving and unpacking! It is alot of work! haha! Hopefully we won't be doing it again, ever!
 Luckily, we only moved a mile away from our other house, so that has made it easier. A little.
 The house has so many of the things we were looking for... one level living, privacy, courtyard, chicken coop, with chickens (six to be exact) studio, 3 car garage...
 It does need some work in the kitchen, guest bath and guest bedroom.
 But it had too many things we loved, to not buy it.
 It has straw on the kitchen walls, but I actually kinda like it.
 The gas fireplace has been wonderful! I have lit it every night for at least a half hour.
 Some of our furniture, (all of the pictures in this post are from when we had the inspection, so none of this furniture is ours) seems so small for this house.
 It will be a fun project to shop Craigslist and thrift stores for furniture. I am hoping to use the garage to paint some furniture.
 Having the six chickens has been fun, Koko and I let them out each morning then walk the 3/4 acre lot. The chicken coop also has a green house attached which will be fun come spring.
 The house as 3 ponds...

Well, thats it for now. I will try to take some pics of our furniture in the house. Right now my goal is to empty the other house out this week, so I can finish painting over there and get it cleaned for the renters. But I am planning on decorating this house for Christmas too, so I will get some pics posted.

Have a great week!

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