Monday, October 27, 2008

Fragrance Lake

Saturday we decided to take Koko for a hike to Fragrance Lake. It was a beautiful fall day. Perfect for hiking 4 + miles, 2 being mostly uphill!

This is the view at the viewpoint at 1 mile, it overlooks the the bay and the islands.

This is Fragrance Lake, my gorgeous hubby and Koko. We have been trying to teach Koko to drink out of rivers and lakes, she still does not get it, she thinks it needs to be the water bottle. But she has no problem drinking out of the pond in the back yard!

I am working on Halloween goodies for Scotts co-workers, I will post them when I am done! I am helping to decorate for the Yacht Club Halloween Party again this year, should be fun... I am thinking of being Dorothy and my hubby the scarecrow and of course Koko will be Toto.

Have a great day!

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